Friday, October 10, 2008

Reserves/Rookies Get Draw for United

To be honest, I was just flipping back and forth between the Real Salt Lake/Red Bull match and the CONCACAF match between DC Untied and Saprissa. Given teh 16 man roster of rookies and reserves that Tommy Soehn took to Costa Rica, I figured that DC was going to get trounced by Saprissa who have owned DC in recent years.

Man was I wrong. DC United led until the 80th minute on an early goal by Francis Doe. Rod Dyachenko, who I almost never mention without derision, almost made it to may hall of shame when he gave up a penalty that Saprissa missed. A goal called back for offside (which I missed) and the missed penalty kick should have given Saprissa the edge before halftime, but them's the breaks.

Once again two defensive breakdowns combined with goalkeeping errors put DC in the hole with just five mintues left in the match.

Remember that Dyachenko fellow, the only reason he isn't in the hall of shame again is that he got his ugly body onto a corner kick to push in the equalizer.

So United have one point out of a possible 12 in the Champions league. We still suck, but at least we won't end the tournament without any points.

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