Thursday, October 23, 2008

Real Salt Lake's Andy Williams and his Homefront

Too often we look at footballers as just that, forgetting that they are people with real lives and often real challenges at home. RSL's Andy Williams has had a good year for his club, but not a standout one. This story tells you why.

Often when we think of footballers' wives, we think of WAGs, the glamour, the shopping, the papparazzi. But given the story of Marcia Williams, maybe we should take a step back and remember that footballers are humans with a real life beyond the pitch, training ground and personal appearances.

On the plus side for Williams, looks like he is going to learn to cook and wash towels (how does a footballer not know how to wash towels? Cooking I get, but washing towels? Surely he has used a few in his career).

My prayers are with Andy Williams and his family.

Check out which is raising money for Marcia Williams' treatment. Consider dropping a little scratch to help them out.

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