Monday, June 02, 2008

DC United Stadium--ARGH!!!!

Goff is completely correct, this is something to scream about and fire off a nasty email to Mayor Adrian Fenty and the DC City Council. After it became public that a bill authorizing $150 million to build a soccer specific stadium in Southeast DC, the authors of the bill have backed off, making the chances for the stadium in the near future less likely.

One wonders why, outside the Redskins, the the one professional team in DC that routine draws nearly 20,000 a game, even on weeknights, can't get a stadium. If DC United were doing better, would we see a different tune? Does the City Council even know how United are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, DC NEEDS their own stadium ASAP. The fans and the organization deserved their own stadium after their 3rd title and this is just ridiculous. Even Real Salt Lake is already building their own stadium and they probably don't even have 10 total wins in their history as a club. We need to plan some kind of rally and get 30k people there to show our support for the stadium. I'm tired of hearing rumors and speculation!