Monday, June 02, 2008

More on Brian McBride

Ives Galarcep as the question: How much should the Fire give up for McBride? My answer is this:
MLS will make some sort of deal, explicitly or implicitly to get McBride into Chicago--it will happen and Hamlett won't have to sweat too hard to make it happen.

Given the MLS' penchant for bending the rules when it suits the marketing guys, the cost to Chicago won't be steep--probably some allocation money, may be a super draft pick or two.

McBride, if he really wants to play in Chicago, can afford to take league minimum salary (not Development salary but league minimum Senior player salary) for this year and rework a deal in the off-season. Thrown in a couple of bonuses, he won't do too bad for a 2/3 season. MLS is not having to pay a transfer fee to get him and so there is no need for Chicago to break the bank.
Listening to the guys at World Soccer Daily, this is an interesting question, what will the Fire have to give up for McBride?

In the end, as I said not much. It is simply inconceivable that one of the most successful exports of field players (as opposed to goalkeepers) in American soccer history, forcing McBride to play somewhere he doesn't simply doesn't make sense. Toronto is probably a poor fit for McBride anyway. But combinging Blanco and McBride in the Chicago attack may see some spectacular fireworks.

MLS has invested a great deal in the LA Galaxy's success and the MLS putting the same kind of effort for other teams will only increase the appeal of the league.

Fulham have a wonderful "Best of McBride" highlight reel of McBrides goals during his nearly five years with the club. Scoring 40 goals in 153 appearances doesn't seem like much (and it isn't really--Cristiano Ronaldo scored 42 goals in like 50 some odd appearense this season), but scoring is just part of McBride's impact with Fulham. Still, he had some great goals (I love the spinning full volley at about 50 seconds of the video).

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