Monday, June 09, 2008

Women's Pro League Update

Goff has an update on the Women's League player allocation. The early seven teams are
Washington (Maryland SoccerPlex), Boston (Harvard), New Jersey (Rutgers), Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles.
The comments question the wisdom of a women's league again.

My big issue with the Women's league is that there is not enough combination with the MLS. Most of the women's leagues in Europe also revolve around the club as a whole, thus Arsenel have the top women's team in England and other clubs have solid women's teams as well. Yes, teh pay is much, much, much less than the men's club, but it is very affiliated with the club as a whole.

So, the match ups should be more like this:

Washington-DC United
Boston--New England
New Jersey--Red Bull New York
Dallas--FC Dallas
Chicago--the Fire
Los Angeles--the LA Galaxy

The only outlier is St. Louis--which I have never understood why there is not an MLS franchise there.

These teams should be playing regular doubleheaders, should be playing in the respective SSS as available and cross-market.

As for attendence. The Maryland Soccerplex stadium seats about 3200 in the bleachers and probably another 1200 or so in grass seating at the ends of the bowl. The place is intimate. I don't think the teams are expecting to get more than 3000 to 4000 a game. As long as the ticket prices are relatively low, the attendence will come. Keep in mind, there are very few professional level team sports for women out there and girls soccer is huge in the states.

Anyway, I know my daughter is looking forward to the games even though she doesn't play soccer.

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