Friday, August 15, 2008

Nevada, Ladies Nights, Gyms and Topless Pools

What do they have in common,Well, pretty soon gyms, and the famous Mandalay Bay topless pool, may soon see that they will not be able to charge different rates for the different sexes. The Mandalay pool charges men $50 to get in but only $10 for women, probably to keep the ooglers out.

Those famous ladies nights at bars and clubs, where ladies get in free, but men have to pay, may become a thing of the past.
States are divided on the question of whether this is the sort of thing that can safely be tolerated in a civilized society. While "courts and civil rights panels in California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maryland and New Jersey have ruled that price discrimination against men is unlawful," The New York Times reports, "in Illinois, Michigan and Washington, judges have stated that it can be part of an acceptable business strategy."
Look, I think the gyms, bars and Mandalay Bay are following an acceptable business strategy. If the men stop coming, the prices will go down. If you are offended by having to pay $50 to see women sunbath topless, spend less money and go see them in a local strip bar. Duh.

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