Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Do Kevin Johnson, Andre Agassi and Oscar de la Hoya Have In Common

It is not what you think, each is not only a former world class athlete, but each has demonstrated a commitment to education by founding a charter school in their hometowns.
Where are the other Kevin Johnsons, Andre Agassis and Oscar de la Hoyas? Why is it that most people don't even know that these superior athletes have done more to make a difference when they passed their athletic prime than they did while they were at the top of their respective sports? I suppose those questions are more rhetorical than they should be. The fact is, however, that we don't see in many athletes the kind of hands-on involvement exhibited by Mr. Johnson, Mr. Agassi and Mr. de la Hoya. For each, the work truly began when the ball stopped bouncing, the sweat stopped pouring and the fans stopped cheering.

In the game of life, we are ultimately judged by things other than athletic prowess, material success or popularity. Indeed, because of their steadfast commitment to the schools they founded, Messrs. Johnson, Agassi and de la Hoya are becoming legends - even in staid, traditional philanthropic circles. Each has done more than lend his name and money. Each has poured his heart and soul into the schools and the kids they serve. That is what makes them superstars.
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Alex Cranberg said...

Let's see...athletes actually know that competition drives excellence. Something that most of the public education monopolists cannot understand or identify with.