Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Camp: Palin Too Inexperienced to be Vice President

Aside from the general absurdity of teh statement, let's do a quick comparison

Barack Obama: 4 years as a U.S. Senator (1 of 100 blowhards in a room)
7 years as a Illinois State Senator (1 of 59 blowhards in room)

Summary: 11 years of experience and zero of it as the person in charge.

Sarah Palin: 4 years as a City Council member in a small town
4 years as mayor of that same small town
2 years as governor of a U.S. State

Summary: 10 years of political office expernience and six of it as the person in charge.

Look, I know Palin is not as experienced in terms of time in office as McCain or Biden. True she has no real foreign policy expereince.

But there is one of the biggest differences and the only one that matters:

Palin is the VP candidate and Obama is the Presidential candidate.

Obama has as much foriegn policy experience as Palin. He has zero--ZERO--executive experience. In fact, Palin has more executive experience than all three Senators combined.

Some people are talking about Palin's lack of experience.

I like Palin as a choice, it is outside the box to a certain extent and has certainly destroyed the discussion of Obama's speech last night.

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