Friday, August 15, 2008

Premier League Preview

The English Premier League gets started up tomorrow and it looks to be an interesting season. The top the table is appealing as teh battle between Manchester United and Chelsea will be truly appealing. Chelsea has been spending money like, well like only Roman Abromovich can do, and have an incredily deep roster. Manchester United has done almost no purchasing, but may not have needed to since last year they gave up the fewest goals ever by a Premier League team and with the probably FIFA Player of the Year in Cristiano Ronaldo.

The other top of table issue will be whether or not a club can break the top four of Man U., Chelsea, Arsenel and Liverpool. I think Tottenham have a shot, but not if they deal Dimitar Berbatov.

A number of lower table teams have been quietly improving themselves this summer, with Sunderland and Fulham leading that charge. Sunderland and Roy Keane have probably done the best job getting themselves in proper position to finish in the top 12 or so. Fulham, on the other hand, after making the Great Escape last season have done a fine job of building a team that will (hopefully) spend more time in the top 15 than they do in the drop zone.

The developments with Manchester City, a team with aspriations to break into the top four, are on the cusp of disaster with their owner Thaksik Shiniwatra on the verge of criminal conviction, a fugitive of the law and possible ruling by the FA as being unfit to be an owner. If that happens, what will the club do? The FA have the power to suspend the club from the league play if they don't sack their majority owner if he is found unfit.

One of the greatest nine-month journeys in sports is about to get underway and the excite is gripping.

This is a time for predictions, and I thought I would take a shot at what the League Table will look like on May 24. So here goes

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester United
3. Liverpool
4. Tottenahm
5. Arsenel
6. Aston Villa
7. Portsmouth
8. Everton
9. West Ham United
10. Newcastle
11. Blackburn
12. Manchester City
13. Sunderland
14. Wigan
15. Fulham
16. Middlesbrough
17. West Brom
18. Bolton
19. Stoke City
20. Hull City

Well see what happens.

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