Friday, August 01, 2008

Obama as a Movie?

Jonah Goldberg posits an interesting theory. That in addition to a "narrative" about Obama in teh campaign (which is pretty common), there is something more to Obama. Using the Berlin "Adoration of Obama," Goldberg posits:
That Berlin spectacle, for example, seemed like an awfully silly thing for him to do, particularly if he had his way as originally planned and spoke at Brandeburg Gate a la Kennedy and Reagan. But it's less silly if you understand the theory behind it. That spectacle was intended to offer a coming attractions of his presidency, like a movie trailer. The Obama campaign is not much interested in focusing on issues — it's no doubt copious position papers notwithstanding. It is about aesthetics, emotions, impressions, the sense of being swept up in something. It's the perfect product for YouTube culture. "Have you seen the latest Obama video?" Of course you have, the whole campaign is a YouTube video.
The campaign as a multi-month movie trailer for the coming attraction of an Obama Presidency.

Forgive me if I would rather not see this one.

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