Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Superliga Bonuses and MLS Commissioner Don Garber

Yesterday the MLS Players Union said that New England and Houston players had agreed to split the $250,000 in bonuses the teams will get for their participation in the Superliga final tonight. (The winner gets $150,000 to be divided amongst the players and the runner up gets $100,000) According to Goff MLS Commissioner Don Garber believes the action to be a violation of the leagues Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Whether it is or isn't a violation of hte CBA is beyond the point. The teams are protesting that they players don't get a bigger cut of the prize money and the fact that one team is willing to forgo $25,000 in bonuses which per player probably comes to about $1,000 a head, must mean something.

The CBA comes up for reauthorization after next year's season, and participation and bonuses in non-MLS tournaments is sure to be an issue.

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