Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Althouse: Why I'm voting for Obama in the Wisconsin primary.

She had promised and now she delivers.
Now, I've read through the posts and caught up to the present. Have I traced a journey? There is no clear narrative arc as there was in "How Kerry lost me." It's just a slow warming. And we're only at the primary, so there is much still to happen.

There is also the corresponding arc of my reaction to Hillary Clinton, which you can see some of here. As I said above, I haven't liked her, but I pictured myself voting for her anyway — back when she was inevitable. But Obama's growing power allowed me to cast off my resignation. And along with his growing power — after that win in Iowa — came her phony emotional ploys, the garish emergence of Bill Clinton, and the racial insinuations from the Clinton campaign. That drove a wedge into my neutrality, and my opinion broke for Obama.
Prof. Althouse's decision sounds a little like a vote against Hillary Clinton as much as a vote for Obama. While that may be true of a lot of people, I just wonder how many other people.

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