Friday, February 22, 2008

Hubris and the Clinton Demise.

From McClatchy :
She had everything going for her. The most famous name in politics. A solid lead in the polls. A war chest of at least $133 million.

Yet Hillary Clinton now finds herself struggling for political survival, her once-firm grasp of the Democratic presidential nomination seemingly slipping away.

What happened?

Barack Obama, for one thing, a uniquely gifted speaker with a face that appeals deeply to the Democratic Party. He also had a better-organized campaign.

But Democrats say that Clinton, whose central theme is her readiness to be president, also made blunder after blunder. She chose an inexperienced campaign manager, crafted a message that didn't match the moment, fielded poor organizations in key states and built a budget that ran dry just when she needed money most.

"She got outmaneuvered," said Mark Mellman, a Democratic strategist who isn't aligned with any of this year's candidates. "Her campaign allowed her to be outmaneuvered on several fronts."

"To think that someone named Clinton with $130 million could end up here is amazing," another neutral Democratic strategist said. He spoke only on the condition of anonymity to permit more candor, as did many party insiders quoted here who dare not offend the still-powerful Clintons.
That last line is particularly galling. But if Hillary Clinton continues to implode, people will no longer fear her and her husband. Oh, how the mighty fall


Anonymous said...

I really have some questions about family values...If they were more organized and working together a bit more I think it would all come a bit easier for Hillary. I found this video that just really proves my point.

AShiningCity said...

True... I think that their grip on the Democratic party might be slipping away and other Democrats are sensing this.

But I bet Hillary and Bill would rather destroy the party than have Obama win the nomination. I can't see Hillary Clinton giving up EVEN if she loses the next two big primaries.

Darren said...

I'm just eating popcorn and enjoying the show.