Wednesday, February 06, 2008

U.S. v. Mexico, First Half Thoughts.

Jozy Alitdore just have the U.S. the 2-1 lead on a beautiful goal after a near perfect cross from Drew Moor. This after a furious ten minutes which has seen three goals and a number of goal robbing saves by Tim Howard.

Clint Dempsey just had a goal called back on some questionable goal. The last 15 minutes of the first half has been furious and end to end. The atmosphere in Houston's Reliant Stadium is much more Mexico focused than U.S. supporters.

What is happening now that the U.S. is not playing well as a team. They are disorganized in the middle and not getting consistent play.

A couple of players, besides Altidore who has earned his first international goal in his first start for the U.S. and his third apearance, is Michael Bradley. Despite getting a yellow in stoppage time, Bradley can close the distance on the ball quickly. There are two big weaknesses for the U.S. right now, the middle of the midfield. Ricardo Clark and Bradley do not work together. Drew Moor and Erilio Corrales are making silly mistakes at the outside of the back line. Were it not for Tim Howard, the score could be a lot more lopsided.

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