Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clinton Inevitability Bitting Her Hard

From the New York Times, asking some good questions (for a change):
The Texas and Ohio presidential primaries, on March 4, have become must-win contests for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, her advisers say. So why is she just opening campaign field offices across those states?
Um, because she thought she would have the nomination sewn up by now--remember the whole inevitability thing?
The primary in Pennsylvania, on April 22, is also a crucial battleground. So why is her campaign telling its most prominent supporter there, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, that there is not enough money now for his proposed piece of direct mail to voters?
In part because she is running out of moeny, having spent so much time raising general election funds she can't use.

Here is another reason, perhaps: Several
Clinton donors put the blame on the campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, and said that Ms. Doyle’s shortcomings as a long-range planner was a factor that led her to be replaced on Sunday by another longtime Clinton aide, Maggie Williams.
But honestly, I don't buy that Doyle is the reason the Clinton camp is in such problems. The problems always redound to the canddiate and the fact of the matter is that Clinton herself worked so hard to create an air about her that she was going to be the nominee that no on thought to think beyond Super Tuesday.

Now she has to to and she has very little money, almost no organziation and is now behind. This is a true test not only of her as a candidate but of the Clinton machine. For a decade and change, they have been the top of the Democratic pyramid. Now their primacy is being challenged and it will be an interesting two months to see if she can survive.

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