Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's Smackdown of Clinton Continues

The calls for Hillary to step aside are going to start to get louder as Obama racked up his 9th and 10th wins in a row last night. The news for Hillary Clinton is not good. Even after Clinton went negative, Obama still grabbed a 17 point victory in Wisconsin and blew the doors off Clinton in the Hawaiian caucuses, which was expected.
After a week of sparring that included the first negative ads of the campaign, Obama emerged victorious in the critical general-election battleground state of Wisconsin, and was treated to favorite-son status with a lopsided win in Hawaii, where he was born. For the second week in a row, the senator from Illinois made inroads into the coalition that Clinton (N.Y.) has counted on to carry her to the nomination -- women and white working-class voters -- while rolling up big margins among white men.
Criticisms of lack of substance, of all rhetoric (and plagarized rhetoric at that) don't seem to stick to Obama. He makes the Teflon Presidency of Ronald Reagan look like super-velcro. Nothing is sticking to this guy.

Which makes me wonder a little. Obamaa's primary focus of his campaign has been on change, hope and a different kind of politics and it is working like a charm. The Clinton era is dead and gone and the Democratic voters are announcing that change with a deafening roar.
Have we really turned a corner in politics? I am not ready to say yes. But in two weeks the primaries will take to Texas and Ohio. John McCain will almost certainly wrap up the GOP nomination. He is already talking like the nominee and dismissed Hillary Clinton and focused on Obama last night.

Obama is on a roll. I saw a news report last night (On Fox News I think) that talked about the hundreds of precinct captains Obama has in Harris County Texas (which is Houston). Houston and the Dallas-Ft.Worth areas are the biggest population centers and Obama is leading in that state. He is drawing massive crowds at rallies and has an impressive organization on the ground. He has the same in Ohio, although according to the polls he is slightly behind in the Buckeye state.

The Wisconsin exit polls revealed the weaknesses of the Clinton Campaign and my previous comments about Hillary's reliance on women is coming true. Her ship is sinking and you will soon hear the abandon ship call go out-for her to step aside and let party unity take over.

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