Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ezra Klein On Super Delegates

From The American Prospect:
I really, really hope the Democratic primary doesn't come down to superdelegates -- the privileged class of delegate that gets to vote however they want, and were created to ensure that party elites didn't lose too much control over the process. The Democrats have agreed to 796 superdelegates this yea, a group which includes every Democratic member of Congress, governor, and various other dignitaries besides. Some of these superdelegates, like California's Barbara Boxer, have pledged to go with the majority decision in their state. Others have already made their endorsements. Others are waiting to see what they'll be promised. But it would be a real shame if the end result of overwhelming voter participation and a contested primary was to throw the election to unaccountable party elites.
Indeed it would be a shame and more than a big waste of money on the part of candidates and states to have primaries only to have a few hundred "elites" make the decision.

Oh and it would be a colossal slap in the face of voters.

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