Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Obama Really the Liberal Reagan? - Capital Commerce (

Is Obama Really the Liberal Reagan? A good question.

From the political standpoint, that remains to be seen. Reagan gained the support of a large contingent of conservative Democrats who became knows as Reagan Democrats (some of whom later became Republicans). But will Obama get a large GOP cross over so that we have Obama Republicans? Again, it remains to be seen, firt Obama has to become the nominee.

But also, Reagan's economic policies made a great deal of sense to the common sense, conservative Democrat. Have we created an entire generation of big government republicans who will respond to Obama's big increases in social spending?
I wonder what Obama voters are really voting for? They want the United States out of Iraq, to be sure. But what beyond that? Well, consider this: I've heard Obama supporters say that Obama will be "their Reagan." That's interesting because whenever Democrats compliment our 41st president, they almost always focus on his personality (infectious optimism and generous spirit) rather than policy (slashing taxes and confronting the Evil Empire). But do voters have any expectations beyond Obama's optimism and his vow to bring America together? Are all those young voters, independents, and frustrated Republicans really voting for greater government involvement in the healthcare system and huge tax increases—in essence, Reaganomics in reverse? People knew what they were getting when they voted for Reagan. Obama? I'm not so sure.
I am not sure either.

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