Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clinton Says She ‘Misspoke’ About Dodging Sniper Fire - New York Times

I'm sorry, this explanation doesn't cut the mustard. If you call Bosnia Boston, that is misspeaking. If you call Tuzla, Tulsa-that is misspeaking.

Saying you dodged sniper fire when you didn't is not misspeaking--that is lying, there is not other word for it.

But if this picture, posted on the NY Times Website is accurate--if it was such a dangerous situation, why is Hillary Clinton bringing her daughter along?

Here is another little tidbit, I am pretty sure the Secret Service (you know those guys charged with protecting the President and his family) would have insisted on a least some body armor under that strange green coat Clinton is wearing. No evidence of such body armor.

The backpedaling is not even artful, it just reeks of an attempt to get something over on people and simply cries out Clintonism.

Hint to the Clinton camp, honesty--it is a lot easier to remember the truth.

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