Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuzla Tarmac Girl Unleashes on Hillary

Remember that girl sleeping the Hillary Clinton 3 a.m. ad who turned out to be a lot older than the ad, and turned out to be an Obama supporter. Well that is chump change compared to this, from Gateway Pundit, the Tuzla tarmac girl is now a med student and upset (along with her countrymen) that Hillary is making John Kerry-esque claims of bravery under fire.

From the New York Post story:
"I was surprised when I heard this," Bicakcic said, referring to Clinton's assertion that she braved snipers upon landing, ducking and sprinting to military vehicles.

Other Bosnians said they had one of two reactions to Clinton's debunked action-hero account of her visit: laughter or anger.

"It's an exaggeration," said former acting President Ejup Ganic, who was present during Clinton's visit. "No one was firing. There were no shots fired."

Sema Markovic, 22, a student, said she has long respected Hillary as a strong leader but was angered by her remarks.

"It is an ugly thing for a politician to tell lies,' she said. "We had problems for years, and I don't like when someone lies about them. It makes us look bad."
Ms. Mrkovic, if it makes you look bad, imagine how it will make America looks to have such an unrepentant and uncreative liar in the White House.

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