Friday, March 28, 2008

Is Hillary broke?

That is the story in the Chicago Sun-Times:
Scoop du jour? Sneed hears major money problems in the Clinton camp may soon become a coroner knocking on her campaign door.

• To wit: Word is the cash feeding into Hillary Clinton's campaign coffers has not only slowed down in a big way, undisclosed campaign debts that have yet to be made public could signal the end and have insiders biting their nails.

• Translation: "It won't necessarily be politics which may force her out of the race," said a top Dem source. "There is no hanky panky going on, but Hillary needs to raise money to stay alive . . . and word is she may not be able to climb out of the money hole."

• The buckshot: "I think it's safe to say Hillary's not going to dip into her pocket again," the source added. "And if her employees start taking pay cuts while chasing the dream . . . it's usually the beginning of the body becoming totally cold."
Technically Hillary wouldn't be broke, she will have a lot of money put aside for the General Election that may not come.

As I have said here a number of times, her fundraising strategy was built on the premise that she would have the nomination wrapped up by Tsunami Tuesday. When that didn't happen, her fundraising operation didn't change tactics soon enough. Her reliance on big dollar donors for her meat and potatoes means that she doesn't have a nice, big steady stream of money rolling in via small donors, unlike Obama who could probably keep up his pace for months to come.

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