Wednesday, March 19, 2008

INow That Is Ballsy?

Hillary Clinton has invoked the need for a re-vote in Michigan (which she won by default but it doesn't count) as a Civil Rights issue.
Mrs. Clinton, who said on Tuesday that she had not read his speech, framed her remarks in Michigan today in the context of civil rights enfranchisement, and drew strong applause from the ethnically diverse crowd of 250 that gathered before a wide bank of television cameras.

“It is a bedrock American principle that we are all equal in the voting booth,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It has been a long struggle to get to the point where barriers have been knocked down and doors opened.”
Yes it is a bedrock principal that everyone is equal at teh voting booth, but when dealing with primaries, you are dealing with something a little different--it is largely a party affair and the party gets to make the rules. Break the rules, suffer the consequences.

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