Thursday, March 27, 2008

DC United Stadium Woes

While DC United will have sole dibs on RFK stadium, it is not a soccer specific stadium, ore even a relatively new facility. Ask how many people know what RFK stands for an you will get my point. But the District is screwing around on the matter of a District development and eventually, that isn't going to fly. Commissioner Don Graber had these comments:
"It's frustrating and continually surprising to me that such an authentic team that is so deeply embedded in this community, that has been a great partner in the District is struggling to get a stadium built. And yet we have teams that are being launched around the country that have had a much easier and faster path. I applaud Victor's patience and his willingness to continue to work through the process, but when you think about how great this could be, it's disappointing that we are going to have to wait so far for that true vision of the team to be realized."
It sure is frustrating.

Seattle will have soccer specific stadium as will the new Philly franchise. Most of the teams in the league either have a soccer specific stadium or are further along in the process of getting one. That DC United, a four time MLS cup champion, one of consistently largest attendence clubs around can't get a stadium built is just ludicrous.

I personally hope that DC United heads to the burbs, although I kind of wish it would be close to my house.

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Oscar M. said...

The stadium situation is hugely frustrating. At this point, I just want them to have a stadium, I don't really care if its in the city itself or not as long as there is a metro station nearby.

I'm pretty sure Seattle will be playing in Quest stadium, not in a soccer specific stadium. Real Salt Lake and NY Red Bulls are actively building stadia, and I believe the expansion Philly will have their own team. I"m not sure about the Kansas City wizards.

You also have a typo in the commish's name - its Don Garber.