Friday, March 28, 2008

There Is Protesting and Then There is Being Stupid

Michelle Malkin has some background to the demonstrators who protested outside the corporate offices of Bear Stearns.

Now, so long as protesters are on public property, I will support their right to protest until my final breath. Their general message against the bailout of Bear Stearns is generally right, but this quote that Malkin highlighted is absolutely shameful and crosses the line from legitimate protest to invasion of privacy and well, fascism:
"We will go to their neighborhood, we will educate their children on what their parents do. They should be ashamed," NACA founder Bruce Marks said of employees at both banks.
First, it is unfair to blame every employee at either Bear Stearns or JP Morgan, most of them are just everyday people trying their best to make a living. Are some culpable for the mess that has been created, absolutely, but not all and indeed probably not most of them.

Second, who should be ashamed, the kids or their parents?

Third, who is this guy to say what the moral standard is?

As Malkin said:
But check out this Bruce Marks.

He has a record of showing up at children’s schools and bullying them because of their parents’ employment in the name of social justice.

Has he earned scorn and condemnation? Of course not! As a reward for his tactics, Marks–who proudly calls himself a “bank terrorist”–was named “Bostonian of the Year” in 2007 by the Boston Globe.
In an ironic twist, a commenter on Malkin's site notes that Marks is-----a mortgage broker.

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Neil said...

I don't think it's really and ironic twist.

Bruce Marks is founder and CEO of NACA which is the group that protested. NACA is a non profit mortgage lender that currently offers 5.125% loans with no closing costs to people who often would otherwise only be able to borrow sub-prime. Also they use any seller paid "closing costs" to buy down the rate even further.