Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Speech

I have to tell you, I had much higher hopes about the speech. Sure, from a rhetorical standpoint, it was good. But I guess I wanted to hear more. If Obama is a candidate that is supposed to be post-identity politics, I just don't feel it from this speech. To be sure, Obama probably never planned on having to give a speech like this, and had Clinton and his own affilations not put him in this position, he probably never would have given this speech.

But here is the thing, he still never needed to give this speech. His campaign was never about race, although the nature of the Democratic party is such that his campaign was sure to become about race or at least identiy politics. But he is now playing on Hillary Clinton's turf and he is not ever going to win here.

He has a little over four weeks until teh Pennsylvania primary. If he continues to talk like this and on this message, he won't win in Pennsylvania and he won't have the momentum going into the final weeks of the primary season and the Convention. He should get back to his own campaign and stop playing Hillary's game.

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