Monday, March 31, 2008

"The Democratic race is heavily racialized, and is perhaps becoming more so."

Byron York proclaims that it is so based on polling and other data.

This is really not all that surprising to me. As teh Democratic nomination has dragged on, it becomes, easier and easier to base a campaign on simplistics.
There seems to be no chance Clinton can win more black votes against Obama, so her only hope is to encourage more whites to vote along racial lines. No one in the campaign would ever say such a thing — they certainly haven't to me — but what white voters do in Pennsylvania on April 22 will be a critical indicator of where Clinton's campaign is going. Will they vote like whites in Mississippi, New Jersey, and Ohio? And if she wins big in Pennsylvania, then what white voters do in Indiana and North Carolina will be another huge indicator.
If this indeed turns out to be the case, the Democrats race problem will only get worse. Will it cause a realignment? I am not sure, but it might.

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