Friday, August 01, 2008

Blanco Fined by MLS

Blanco fined $7,500 by MLS for "behavior detrimental to the public image and reputation of the league."

GOOD!! And the MLS didn't waste any time either. To be honest I think they knew they were going to fine Blanco and wanted to see how hard U.S.S.F. were going to come down on Blanco before deciding how much to fine him. I think MLS was looking to make sure they were proportional.

Now the fine is not a big dent out of Blanco's $2.7 million dollar salary (mathematcially it comes out to about a day's pay), but it does put him and the rest of the players in MLS on notice, don't embarass the league and your club that way. I wouldn't be surprised if Chicago Coach Dennis Hamlett doesn't or didn't impose a private punishment on Blanco either.

To be frank (and this might very well be the DC United Fan in me), I would have preferred to see a much heftier fine, say a week's pay at least. I want to see the MLS make sure that this conduct doesn't happen, ever again, by any player.

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