Friday, August 01, 2008

Cooper Still on Cardiff's Radar

English FA Cup runners-up Cardiff City are still hoping to land FC Dallas' Kenny Cooper this summer.
Just when you thought it was safe to buy your Kenny Cooper FC Dallas jersey comes word out of the UK that Cardiff City manager Dave Jones has not given up in his pursuit of Cooper despite FC Dallas declaring that it would not sell Cooper this season.

"It has been made a little bit more difficult because we are dealing far away with the MLS. But is it dead and buried? No, it is not dead and buried yet," Jones told Welsh tabloid The Western Mail on Thursday. "I did not even know it was supposed to be dead and buried until you told me."

Apparently Jones didn't get the memo from FC Dallas general manager Michael Hitchcock, who was emphatic in the club's desire to keep Cooper through the rest of this season.

Talk about things getting interesting. Now Dallas could find itself in a sticky situation if Cardiff improves considerably in its $4 million offer. If Cardiff comes back with a $5 or $6 million bid would the Hoops really turn that down? And more importantly, how bad will the team look selling Cooper after giving fans the "Our focus is winning" line after initially turning down offers from Cardiff and Rosenborg?
A tough situation for Dallas, to be sure.

Cooper, for his part, has been smart and kept his head down. As long as he continues producing for Dallas, he will be welcome in the city by the fans. As long as he doesn't pull a Ronaldo, and play a coy game, he will be fine. He should make clear that he will play just as hard for Dallas even they keep paying his salary and he will work hard for Cardiff if he goes there.

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