Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Altidore Faces Loan

Although I am not quite sure why this is considered news, but it is true that Jozy Altidore may get loaned out in January. Of course, everyone expected him to get loaned out when he joined Villareal, but with the Yellow Submarine's injury woes up top, he was kept around. But aside from the Cope del Rey (which Villareal is now eliminated from), Jozy is not getting significant playing time for Villareal. He is making the dressing squad pretty much every week, which says a lot about the young man on a team like Villareal.

Perhaps the only thing that would save him from a loan deal is demonstrating a quality teaming with Guisseppi Rossi in attack or scoring every couple of minutes when he is on the field.

In the end though, I think a loan deal will be a good thing for Altidore. What he needs more than anything else is playing time, even if he is getting 70-75 minutes with a relegation bait team this year, that is more time than he is getting with Villareal and he won't be relegated.

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