Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NOOOOO!!!! Donovan Should Not be the Player of the Year.

I know that a lot of people don't put a great deal of stock in goalkeepers. To a certain extent it is the aberration of the position, they dress differently, they can use their hands in a game where such skills are not thought of a sporting. some people think all that goalkeepers do is kick the ball a really long way and spend the rest of the game looking for hot WAGS in the stands.

So why am I talking about this: Landon Donovan has been voted the Honda Player of the Year (for the fifth time) beating out my personal choice Tim Howard.

Don't get me wrong, it is not that I think Donovan is a poor player or undeserving of his previous four awards, but he was not the best player for the U.S. team this year. His national team form has been off, he has been absent from entire games despite being in the starting line up. Yes, I know he has scored more goals for the U.S. Men's team than anyone else, but he doesn't deserve it this year.

Tim Howard had a spectacular year. His performance against Argentina alone warranted the award. Additionally, Howard has had five shutouts in 2008 (including Argentina) given up just three goals all year as the U.S.'s number one keeper.

Goalkeepers have the toughest job on the field. They can be completely inactive for 88 minutes of the game, but no matter what, they will be expected to make the stop in the last minute of the game. Goalkeepers rarely win games for teams, but they can certainly lose games. Tim Howard never lost a game for the U.S. although they did lose.

The voters for the Player of the Year award got this one wrong.

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