Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kenny Cooper to the Bundesliga

ESPN's Steve Davis has the story:
The volume of debate is sure to rise anew in the coming days as the next round of "should he stay or will he go" unfolds. European teams are once again knocking on Cooper's door. This time, Germany's Eintracht Frankfurt is courting the hardworking and likable FC Dallas sniper.

While nothing is set, it seems increasingly likely that this season's 18-goal scorer, who finished second behind Landon Donovan in the MLS Golden Boot chase, may have bent his last net at Pizza Hut Park.

The big fellow and his family may make a trip to Germany soon for a personal look-see at the Bundesliga outfit. Bernd Hölzenbein, a once-prominent German international who played for Kenny Cooper Sr. in American indoor soccer some years ago, is now a scout for Frankfurt. He was in Colorado last week to see Cooper and speak to the family.

Hölzenbein apparently came away impressed. So now, with the winter transfer window approaching, there are essentially three things that could happen:

The most likely scenario is that MLS accepts the best winter offer -- one that could approach $4 million. That's not exactly Jozy Altidore territory ($8 million to $10 million from Villarreal, depending on incentives), but it would represent a handsome sum for MLS.
I could see Cooper in Germany and it is certainly a step up from Cardiff City.

Cooper is not likely to be in an MLS uniform next year, even with his connection to the city. Frankly, after this past season for Dallas, in which he had a club MVP season, and in just about any other season would have seen him hoisting the golden boot, Cooper is not simply likely to stay.

During the Guatamala match on the 19th, Cooper was one of the three most creative players on the pitch, combining impressively with Jozy Altidore, Freddy Adu and Sasha Kljestan. The move would be good for the big striker and I just don't see him staying in Dallas.

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