Monday, November 03, 2008

If McCain Wins....

Some of my more conservative friends (that is more conservative than me) are worried that even if McCain wins, the GOP loses and America loses.

Let me be clear about one thing, I don't think Obama will be a good President. I firmly believe that he will be a flop in terms of protecting American interests abroad since he is more interested in American looking good in the eyes of the world than in being consistent in his positions. I believe that Obama's domestic, economic policies will mean it will take longer for the economy to rebound in full. I worry about individual freedom and collective freedoms, i.e freedom of speech and press.

But those are long term concerns.

If Obama wins, I worry about the somewhat uniquely american tradition of rioting in celebration.

If McCain wins, I worry about chuckleheads like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson getting on TV and crying about racisim and voter disenfranchisement, setting back race relations in this country even more. I worry about riots because Obama lost.

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