Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newt Gingrich or Michael Steele

For RNC chairman. I suppose the depends on your view of what the RNC chairman should be doing.

Steele is a quality fundraiser, a Marylander and it should be noted, minority.

Gingrich is a wonderful idea man, great speaker and an okay fundraiser.

should the RNC focus on money or ideas?

My thinking is ideas, but I think Steele would be the better choice because he will be attacked as an "Uncle Tom" by Democrats who will not be able to see the irony in their position.

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SB7 said...

Gingrich is certainly more of an ideas man, but I can't say I'm so enamored of those ideas, so I'd go with Steele. Maybe I just like him because I'm a Marylander too, but I think he's a solid guy.