Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sexist Calendar in Europe

The Mail Online has the story of a charity calendar featuring bathing suit wearing women of Ryanair, that is getting attention for being "sexist." Really, is there something else we can complain about?

The calendar is under attack:
The Institute for Women in Spain is considering legal action and intends to complain to Irish and EU authorities that the publication is sexist as it only features female models.

In a statement, it said: 'It is significant that only women are used, in a sector in which there is a considerable percentage of men.'

Spokesman María Jesús Ortiz claimed the images presented the women as 'sexual objects.'
arge 'We're not talking about morals or nudity here, it's simply how women are portrayed,' she said.

Enl'If there had been men in the calendar I'm sure there would have been no controversy.'
The Institute became involved after a complaint from consumer group FACUA, which claimed the images promoted macho behaviour.
'The company is attacking the dignity of women workers in general and especially of cabin crew members, by presenting stereotypical images of these professionals which they have spent years struggling against,' a spokesman added.

Last year's Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar raised over 70,000 euros for the Angels Quest Charity.
come on. Yes, these women are attractive and one presumes no one put a gun to their head to pose in their bikinis, etc. And it does raise money for charity.

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