Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama, Bush United to Fix Economy

What is it about the economy that needs fixing, exactly? Barack Obama said he and President Bush are united in the desire to fix the economy, but I still don't know three things:

1). What, specifically, in the economy needs fixing; and,
2). What, specifically, are our leaders going to do to fix the economy; and
3). What, specifically, gives these leaders the belief that they can fix the economy?

Look, I am glad that the outgoing president (who will be blamed for everything despite the fact that the economic downturn's genesis probably dates back at least a decade or more) and the incoming President agree that this is a problem. Of course a seven year old knows it is a problem, so I am not impressed with their prioritization skills.

It's as if the Capitol was the hottest strip club in America and they are the companies begging for bailouts are strippers hoping Congress will make it rain like Pac Man Jones.

But with all the hubbub of bailouts and stimulus plans and dollar figures starting with a "B" being tossed about like Pac Man Jones' wallet at a strip club, you have to wonder, do our leaders and the American people really know what needs to be fixed in the economy?

First it was the credit market and based on my understanding of the situation, a plausible argument was in the offering for that bailout. But now we have all of these other markets and industries arguing their importance to the economy and the muddled picture is quite hard to discern.

The truth is probably that the hubris of our leaders that they can "control" the economy will cause more ruin. Is the economy unmanageable?

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