Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Changes Here

I have always had an open commenting policy on this blog. I know I don't have a huge audience of readers, but those who do read, I have always encouraged and permitted comments.

However, recently, I have been getting more and more comment spam, mostly of a commercial variety and I have decided that it is time to start putting the kibosh on such activity.

I will still have a policy of allowing anyone to make any comment about the subject matter of a post. I will not censor legitimate speech and debate, but if you are plugging some sort of commercial matter, you can rest assured that I will be rejecting your comment out of hand.

Yes, I have ads on my blog and if you want to pay me to post advertising, I am more than willing to talk, but I will not allow comment spamming.

To all my readers, I hope you will understand any delays in having your comments appear here.

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