Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is This The Best We Can Do for Senators?

First, in Illinois we get a all but convicted dirty governor appointing a former close advisor we know nothing about and apparently because he is black and in NY we get the eloquently vague Caroline Kennedy who isn't doing her family name any credit.
Caroline Kennedy's second act as a Senate hopeful didn't get much better reviews from New York's press than her first.

A New York Daily News columnist said "the wheels of the bandwagon are coming off." New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker already put her on his list of 2008 losers. And The New York Times said "she seemed less like a candidate than an idea of one: eloquent but vague, largely undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way."
It is said that America gets the government it deserves, but are we really getting that, or are we just letting it go a little too much.

I am leaning to a constitutional amendment that would require special elections to fill Senate vacancies as well as vacancies in the House. These processes simply seem a little to vague, undefined and quite frankly fishy.

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