Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rep Charlie Rangel's Problems

It is a long list that could see more added to it:
* Rangel used official House stationary to seek contributions to the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College of New York. House rules forbid use of official stationary for such appeals.

* Rangel led a successful congressional effort to protect a tax break that benefited a oil company after the firm’s chief executive pledged a $1 million contribution to the Rangel Center at City College.

* Rangel failed to properly report income he received from a vacation property in the Dominican Republic.

* Rangel failed to comply with state law regarding his ownership of four rent-controlled apartments in New York City.

* Rangel improperly claimed a tax deduction for a primary residence in D.C., despite also claiming his primary residence back home in his New York congressional district.

* Rangel routed $80,000 from his campaign committee treasury to his son for virtually no work on a web site.
Didn't know about that second one, though until now.

Remember, its the most ethical Congress ever!!!

Update: Missed this one: Rangel paying parking tickets with campaign funds.
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles B. Rangel of New York has used campaign funds to pay $1,540 in fines from parking tickets in the District of Columbia in the last two years, according to federal campaign finance records and his office.

Rangel’s campaign committee and his “leadership” political action committee have combined to make 14 separate payments to the D.C. treasurer for “automobile expenses” since March 16, 2007, and a Rangel spokesman confirmed that campaign aides believe they were for tickets.

One $30 ticket from Dec. 9 is still outstanding, according to a search of the recognizably district-descriptive “NYREP15” vanity plate affixed to the congressman’s PT Cruiser on the Web site of the District of Columbia’s Department of Motor Vehicles.
Really, do you think he is just simply too arrogant to beleive he will ever get caught, or just too stupid?

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