Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talk About a Tough Sell

Spinning Congressional pay raises:
"It's one thing to put a positive spin on Barack Obama or a charity that helps kids with cancer. But a serious public-relations professional should welcome a challenge, something almost impossible to paint in a positive light. How about this: 'Members of Congress are slated to receive a $4,700 pay raise beginning in January, increasing their annual salaries to $174,000. The increase for 535 House and Senate members would cost taxpayers more than $2.5 million.' Yes, that's the same Congress that has a lower approval rating than George W. Bush. The same one that thinks money comes out of a big storage vault out in Arlington, judging by the way they're just throwing tax-payer funds into bailouts these days. The same one that's been lecturing the auto industry about it's budgeting."
If Congress continues to talk about national sacrifice, I want to see Congressional pay cut by 10% at least.

Won't happen though.

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