Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homosexual High School Is 'Necessary'

I can't believe a school administrator said this:
A proposed homosexual-friendly Chicago public high school is “necessary” for the well-being of students, a Chicago Public Schools administrator told Wednesday.

Joyce Brown, who is in charge of the public school district’s high school counselors, said the “Social Justice High School – Pride Campus” is necessary because “the issue (of homosexuality) is out there.”

“Whatever is bubbling up,” she said, “needs to be addressed because the issue is there.”

The proposed school would offer taxpayer-funded support for homosexual and lesbian students. The school proposal was to be voted on by the Chicago Board of Education on Nov. 19, but the plan was pulled at the last minute.

If approved, the school's mission would parallel that of the other Social Justice High School: “Project based and problem based learning that addresses real world issues through the lenses of race, gender, culture, economic equity, peace, justice, and the environment will be the catalyst for developing our curriculum.”

When asked how the introduction of social justice high schools improves the performance of the Chicago district, Brown was vague.

“Schools need to be connected with the students they teach,” she said.
Talk about stupid. This is just dumb. If schools focused on their mission, i.e. teaching students, and disciplined students for homo-phobic attacks, etc., then there would be no need for this kind of a school.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. First, really, how many 14 or 15 year olds truly can define their sexual orientation. Adolescence is a time of discovery and that is one area of discovery that goes on. Second, this smacks of segregation for the purposes of being "open minded" and "socially just." It is stupid.

Here is a though experiment, substitute "Hispanic" for "gay and lesbian" or "Black" for "homosexual," would such a school then sound like something a public school system should be doing?

How is segregating these studetns by their sexual orientation going to help them or non-homosexual students, learn to deal with others that are not like them?

Geez, why don't some of these supposedly smart school administrators ever stop to really think about these kinds of ideas?

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