Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roy Hodgson Looks Back on 2008

It has been a good year for the Fulham gaffer, and Hodgson notes:
"It’s been a great football year for me,” said Hodgson as he looked back on the past 12 months. “I got thrown into the deep end; we had a very poor start. It took us until February until we actually won a game, after five or six games we’d only taken one point and a lot of defeats.

“But to turn that around as the players did, with fantastic work and commitment, and to actually keep us in the league was a great feeling. To kick on from there and finish the year in the top half of the table, we’ve got to be very satisfied with that.

“But we remain humble and we remain very conscious of the fact that it can change very quickly. We’ve got to be careful that we don’t get carried away.

“We’ll congratulate ourselves to a moderate extent but at the same time, we realise there’s an awful lot of football to be played in this league, we’re a long way from the 40 points that we’re targeting. It’s important that we keep our good qualities alive and we don’t, for one minute, start to believe that it’s going to be an easier task than it’s actually going to be.”
Staying focused on the task at hand is what will keep Fulham in the top half of the table and might earn Hodgson manager of the year votes.

Rumor has it that Hodgson gives his team complete dossiers on their opponents prior ot each match. Not sure what is in those dossiers, but they should include a note to Andy Johnson and Bobby Zamora to start scoring some goals.

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