Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EPL FanZone

EPL Fan Zone is a show in which the producers find a fan from each of the clubs playing in a given match and put them in a studio and let the two fans provide their commentary and thoughts on the match.

Usually, the matter isn't all that intriguing, but occaisionally, the events of a game lead to some wonderful reactions because these are fans, true, hard-core, love the team till they die fans.

The recent match between Everton and Aston Villa was noteworthy because of two goals scored in the end of match stoppage time. At the end of the match, Villa lead 2-1 and in stoppage time, Jolean Lescott scored an acrobatic goal to level the match in teh 93rd minute. After an exhuberant celebration and thinking a draw was in the bag, Villa nabbed the goal ahead goal something like 20 seconds later.

These two rather dumpy guys really get into their celebration.

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