Thursday, January 31, 2008

14 Games Left for Fulham

The remaining schedule for Fulham breaks down somewhat negatively if looking on at current standings. Here is the list and current ranking on the league table:

Aston Villa (5th)
Middlesbrough (13th)
West Ham United (10th)
Manchester United (1st)
Blackburn (8th)
Everton (4th)
Newcastle (12th)
Derby County (20th)
Sunderland (14th)
Reading (16th)
Liverpool (7th)
Manchester City (6th)
Birmingham (17th)
Portsmouth (9th)

Right now, Fulham sits 19th on 16 points. The difference between 19th place on the table and 13th place on the table (occupied by Middlesbrough) is 9 points. The differnce between relegation and staying in the Premier league is 5 points right now. Wins against Derby, REading, Birmingham and Sunderland and drawing probably 5 of the remaining 10 matches may be more than enough to get Fulham out of the drop zone. The way I cacluate it, Fulham will need 20-22 points in the remaining 14 matches to avoid relegation. Of course, more would be helpful.

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