Monday, January 21, 2008

School's Unmentioned Fight

This Editorial from the Washington Times talks about the battle that teachers and schools face everday, summed up perfectly
It's called the "hallway culture vs. the classroom culture."

"If you were to spend five minutes in my school's hallways at class change or at the end of the day, you would despair for our country's future. Students screaming obscenities at each other, male students bullying and degrading, in the most graphic and unmistakable ways, female students (and the females usually laughing hysterically at each insult), fights between residents of one neighborhood vs. another, and enough anger to blow up a city block or, for that matter, a city."

Haven't seen that story on the 6 o'clock news, have we?

Mr. Fox introduces us to this untold story through one of his students, David, (a pseudonym, of course), who stands one day in the threshold uncertain of whether he wants to enter the classroom culture or the hallway culture — "50 Cent or Shakespeare, the pull of the popular or the push of schooling."
The Editorial is referring to this op-ed by Lynn H. Fox.

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