Friday, January 25, 2008

Phillip Mella on the Obama-Clinton Battle

From Clear Commentary:
In Clinton's cross-hairs is the affable, charismatic, Senator Barack Obama, who has had the political audacity of upstaging Hillary Clinton, whose grasping, visceral desire for the White House approaches the level of a birthright. Voters not only forgive human frailties, if candidly expressed, they can become touchstones of identification between the common man and presidential aspirants who, modern pretensions to the contrary notwithstanding, we still view as well above us poor mortals. However, hubris, arrogance, or the monarchical stain of electoral presumption is something they will not countenance.

With the able assistance of Bill, that is precisely what Hillary has created in the past few weeks and it has spread like a plague throughout the Democratic Party. Indeed, stalwart Clinton loyalists in the media and in Washington have expressed their discomfort with Bill's unpresidential, finger-wagging, red-faced confrontations, suggesting that party unity--read, the election--is at stake. But since the Clintons' ambitions have always trumped everything from politics to common sense, the storm is showing no sign of abating.

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