Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GOP Delegates

Hugh Hewitt talks delegate math for the GOP and the worst case scenario for Romney.
Total at the end of Super Tuesday without a major reversal of fortune for Romney:

McCain 745, Romney 327, and Huck 197.

It takes 1,191 delegates to secure the nomination. There are more than 900 delegates left to fight for after Super Tuesday.

Start looking hard at the numbers and put yourself in the discussions with Team Romney. It isn't pretty, but it is far, far from over.

And if the Huckabee voters look at the reality and see they are voting for McCain when they vote for Huck, anything can happen.
It is still a wide open race and while there are a number of big states leaning to McCain, the margin of error is doable for Romney.

At least it is starting to get interesting.

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