Monday, January 21, 2008

Charges of Voting Irregularities in Nevada

Gee, like we didn't see this coming.
US Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign on Sunday said that it had received reports of voting irregularities in Nevada's nominating caucuses, which were won by rival Hillary Clinton.

Spokesmen for Obama's campaign told reporters that a Clinton party handout urged registration lines for the caucuses Saturday to close at 11:30 am, whereas state party rules said anyone in line until 12:00 pm was to be allowed to participate.

"Despite clear rules and timelines laid out by the Nevada Democratic Party that caucus doors should remain open and voter registration should continue until noon, the Clinton campaign encouraged their operatives to close the caucus doors at 11:30 am, a half hour before that deadline," said spokesman Bill Burton.

"This caused confusion and led to people leaving the caucuses before having the chance to participate."
Campaign dirty tricks are a staple of modern campaigning and the Clinton Machine is a master of them.

Complaining about it helps the PR spin, but not much else. Besides, caucuses are really hard to manage to begin with, and proving the irregularity after the fact does nothing.

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