Monday, March 10, 2008

Jerlyn Merritt On the Florida/Michigan Controversy

Yes, the candidates pledged not to campaign in Florida and Michigan, but Merrit argues that the votes in those states should stand and delegates awarded accordingly.
The exclusion of Michigan and Florida was a penalty imposed by the DNC. In my view, it was an unfair one and should be lifted. The votes should count as is, the delegates should be awarded and seated.
Fine, as far as Florida goes, but Obama withdrew his name from the Michigan ballot and so he didnt' get votes in that state. He should not be punished by the DNC for following the DNC rules. A 50-50 split sounds sensible.

Who knew this would be such an issue.


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Anonymous said...

Ben Smith of Politico has an interesting take on this. Of course, Ben has admitted that he's a hardcore Hillary supporter and most of his posts are soft-core pieces for Hillary (Taylor Marsh e-mails him talking points everyday, if that gives you an idea)...but it's interesting nonetheless.