Monday, March 10, 2008

Natalie Portman Hypocrisy Without Any Apparent Remorse

I like Natalie Portman as an actress and for standing up for her belief. But in this interview, Portman appears to criticize capitalism with one breath and then talks like a capitalist in the next.
ELLE: Your recent film, The Other Boleyn Girl, strikes me as a classic cautionary tale about female ambition. Your character, the notorious Anne, is punished with rape, humiliation, exile, and ultimately execution for being cunning and opportunistic. Her “golden sister” Mary [played by Scarlett Johansson] wants nothing more than a simple country life and is content to accept whatever fate her father, husband, uncle, and king devise for her—and she gets to live happily ever after.
NATALIE PORTMAN: That's so interesting, because I really saw it as a cautionary tale about capitalism. All of the characters who subscribe to these values of rising up and gaining power and who will step on anyone to get there are punished.
Okay, fine if you think that is what the movie is about and if you belive capitalism is bad, but you can't argue that captialism is bad and also have two companies, one a movie production company and another to produce vegan friendly shoes--that is capitalism.

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