Friday, March 14, 2008

Spitzer May Have Used Campaign Funds for Trysts

From the New York Times:
Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Gov. Eliot Spitzer used campaign funds in connection with his meetings with prostitutes, including payments for hotels or ground transportation, three people with knowledge of the investigation said.

Prosecutors have asked the governor’s lawyers about the travel arrangements for three trips, including his Feb. 13 rendezvous with a prostitute at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. The United States attorney’s office in Manhattan has also asked about the governor’s use of car services during trips to Washington.

The governor’s lawyers have begun consulting with a campaign finance expert who has long worked for Mr. Spitzer’s political organization to see whether campaign money was spent on the trips, including some as recently as last month, a person briefed on the investigation said.
While this is probably illegal--I don't know which funds source was being used and I am not familiar enough with New York campaign finance law to offer an opinion but I find it unlikely that the Times would get that one completely wrong.

It is at least marginally better than using taxpayer funds to pay his prostitutes.

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